Astral Traveling

So much is said about astral travel and yet so little is known about it.

Everybody astral travels. Yes we all do, and on daily basis…

When we sleep, we astral travel, and when we stargaze we astral travel, and when we are absent minded we also astral travel.

We actually astral travel on daily basis, it is a part of our natural being.

Whenever we sleep, we start seeing dreams and the dreams we see are indicative to an astral experience we have in another space and time in another dimension, not visible to our naked eyes, The Beyond. We also roam within our own dimension as well.

We often perceive messages in riddles and symbols that may relate to our current life cycle and existence, that is where the interpretation of dreams comes from.

We often stumble upon past or future scenes or past experiences and present events in the making.

That is due to the speed we astral travel with, it is speed of light and up, we accelerate our speed once we leave our physical body.

That is how we enter into other dimensions or space-time. And that is why what is below is as what is above.

Space-time is fixed and we are the moving objects. We are the changing part…

Interpretation of dreams is an ancient art, manifested through the gift that was granted to Prophet Joseph one of Jacobs children, as mentioned in holy books alike.

Joseph was taught how to decode the riddles and interpret the symbols of dreams into human tongue and spoken languages. It was a puzzle solving art…

It seems that when we astral travel we may communicate or be communicated with in either way, be it a common language or symbolism.

It also seems that we need to astral travel on daily basis, so that we may rejuvenate our physical, mental and spiritual energy.

We seem to be connected to the beyond whether we are spiritualists or just normal everyday laymen.

Ever since the dawn of humanity, Messengers and Prophets relied on astral journeys to perceive, relate and convey the Message of the ONE to all mankind.

Many of them journeyed upwards towards the heavens to communicate with higher beings, or the ultimate ONE.

Jesus referred to his journey as He walks in the valley of the shadow of death.

They all ascended and descended using astral travel, much like ordinary humans, only on a much higher level of consciousness.

Thoth once said that mankind is the child of light, maybe he is right…

What do we do when we astral travel and why do we do it?

We download our daily experience and activities into a universal hard drive, and we upload files and information related to our survival and continuity. Most, if not all inventions, where ideas perceived from other dimensions. Thoughts are not always generated in our minds from within; many of our thoughts are sought from the beyond. Another Space-Time, and different dimensions.

Our universe is much like a huge computer, thoughts and ideas are stored and saved on drives, soft drives and hard drives, it lingers there until its caught and perceived by others from time to time, and from generation to generation. And we humans update our information and database and upgrade our files as we astral travel on daily basis.

Everything is registered in records and there is a very complex file system that stores everything we do and we think of. Audio data, video data and all…

What is the motive behind that? It is all related to our progress and improvement, our purification process. It is like a system to purify and distill our form of energy to prepare it for another role after death in this life cycle.

Adam El Masri