How To Pack A Suitcase To Avoid Creased Clothes

Before you start to place items in you’re suitcase place in piles on the bed. i.e. trousers, skirts, blouses, T-shirts, underwear etc. Organise your toilet bag with all the essentials. Add also to the collection, hairdryers, belts shoes, in fact everything that you will need to take with you.

We all know some luggage handlers are not always as careful as we would wish, so you will have to think about padding round the more delicate items, such as toilet bag, hairdryer to avoid any breakage or spillage.

The very first thing you are going to need is polythene and lots of it. Personally I use plastic rubbish bin liners, just cut off the bottom and slice down one side, perfect to wrap your cloths in. You will also need some plastic carry home bags.

If you are taking soft woollen jumpers, place some these across the bottom of the suitcase inside the plastic bags. If not start with some T-shirts. These should be carefully folded , use the carry home plastic bags to place approx 4 T-shirts in , then lay each bag usually (2 or 3 depending on the size of your case) across the bottom of the suitcase.

Next take a sheet of polythene and lay this on top of the plastic bags and place either trousers, skirt or dress across the case. Now take the surplus polythene and wrap over the item, then fold the item into the suitcase, encased in the polythene. This will reduce the creases on each fold. With a jacket, make sure the top collar is placed on the polythene towards the back of the suitcase. Again wrap the polythene over the jacket, fold in the arms and lastly fold up the lower jacket.

Shirts and blouses are best folded and placed individually into plastic bags and laid between heavier items such as trousers or skirts.

Once the case is approximately half full place in the centre toiletries/hairdryer or any breakable item. Use underwear/belts etc to pad round these items, then continue to place more clothes wrapped in polythene on top.

When you have packed all the main items take you’re shoes again placing in polythene bags and lay across the clothes. Flat shoes can be laid face down, however shoes with heels will need to be placed on the side, to avoid the heels puncturing either the case or you’re clothes.

Try to leave some T-shirts to place across the top of the shoes, once again in plastic bags, or you could use a towel or dressing gown to add the final padding. Finally there will be spaces around the case, take socks or more underwear and use this to complete the padding round the case.

The more space that is left empty, the more the clothes will shift around in the case whilst travelling, this will greatly increase the chances of scrunching, so ensure you’re clothes fit snugly into the case. A lot of cases are supplied with holding straps, don’t pull these too tight as this will certainly pinch into the clothes and cause severe creasing.

When you arrive at your destination unpack and hang up you’re clothe straight away. If there is sufficient room hang all your clothes, rather than placing in a cupboard drawer, to allow and fold marks to fall out.

One final tip, if travelling with a loved one mix you’re clothes between suitcases. Should you unfortunately lose a case whilst travelling, you will at least both have some items to use, until the lost case is recovered.